I have got a new DS game waiting for me at home however and we’re off to see Captain America tonight so it’s balancing out a bit.

We lost Saturday. That happened. We spent Friday night/Saturday day on a plane/in airports and when we left it was just before lunch on Friday but when we arrived Saturday was over with and it was bed time. So Saturday just didn’t happen.

But that’s OK because we still had a 2 day weekend because Monday was a Bank Holiday. But then Tuesday felt like Monday. And today I don’t even know what the day is, I just know I want to sleep.

Please can I sleep.

It was very cruel of the bank holiday weekend to fall on the same weekend I have to contend with jet lag. 

What year are we in?

I need a big life overhaul but I have zero energy to do it.

I am my own worst enemy, I have forever been a “It’s ok I’ll do it tomorrow” person. 

Only my head is beginning to realise slowly that eventually I will run out of tomorrows and actually I need to do it now.

I get little bursts of energy and enthusiasm but they are at the most inconvenient times and by the time I’m in a place where I can act on it, all enthusiasm is lost.

Basically, I am an idiot.

It’s 1am. I should be asleep.

But the problem is, I got back from holiday yesterday. And in LA it’s only 5pm right now.

So my body is refusing to sleep.


Home time! Four hour flight to Denver then eight hour flight to London. Long old day of travelling.

Good news is it’s only 65 days until we fly to Turkey for 16 days. Oh happy days :D

The Cheesecake Factory is a place designed to kill you, I swear to god.
I am so ridiculously full. I am going to go home Saturday, hug my cross trainer and apologise to it for all the extra weight that has appeared.

*disgruntled full noises*